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Monday, January 31, 2011

Changing my diet to release stress...

I've talked a lot the last few weeks about how happy I am and how great I feel. Unfortunately, the last 7-10 days have not felt that way. My adrenal fatigue has really been getting the best of me for the last week or so. I've found myself beginning to get overwhelmed by everything again. Little things stress me out. Big things stress me out. I'm exhausted.
And I feel myself slipping back towards where I was a few months ago.
While reading up on adrenal fatigue diets last night, I realized I've been leaving out a lot of foods and nutrients that can really benefit my adrenals.
Fresh spinach.
Green drinks filled with barley and spirullina (like the ones I love, but have not bought recently, from Odwalla)
Organic foods.
Almond milk.
All of these are things I've left out of my diet for a few weeks, mostly b/c of budgetting issues with our grocery bill.
But after the way I've felt the last few days, I've realized something's gotta give. So I'm headed to the store, budget mostly aside, and putting my health needs first.
I'll be interested to see how quickly I feel better after adding these things back into my diet.

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