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Monday, November 1, 2010

Discovery #2: The proof of homeopathic supplements

So I have figured for a few weeks that my hormones are out of whack. And today, I finally walked into a natural supplement shop run by a natural doctor. The woman at the counter greeted us very nicely, and I began to tell her what was going on with me. She immediately felt my low immunity, weakness, lifelong fatiuge, high metabolism, etc. could be contributed to a thyroid problem. (I had just started researching the same theory this morning).
She pulled a supplement for that (Target TS II) off the shelf. She then did a muscle test on me. She had me put my pointer finger and thumb together and press as hard as I could. She then proceeded to put them apart over and over again. My arm was not strong enough to keep her from effortlessly pulling them apart.
Next, she handed me the thyroid stabilizing supplement and had me hold it to my head in the other hand. I held my fingers together again, but this time they weren't coming apart. She did this on a couple of parts of my face/neck (pressure points I believe is where she had me hold the bottle). Just holding the bottle to my face was enough to strengthen my arm so that I could hold my fingers together and they wouldn't be pulled apart.
It was truly remarkable to watch. There was no trickery or anything to it. She used the same, simple force each time to pull my fingers apart. And I could feel the difference in the strength in my arm when I held the supplement to my head or neck. My mom stood by with her mouth open. And Abbie.. well, she was trying to find something to play with.
After lunch today, I took my first thyroid supplement along with mood stabilizing supplements. And I am feeling much healthier already. I'll keep updating over the next couple of days as to how I feel and how these supplements change everything that's going on with me.

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