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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Why I Chose To Ignore The Doctors

One week ago today, I was having one of the worst days of my life. I woke up anxious, emotional, and just a mess. I was ready to go to the hospital.
Instead, I went to see two people in the hopes of trying to figure out what was going on with me.
The 1st was a counselor. He was a very nice and Christian man. And he listened to all that was going on and what I was experiencing. His diagnosis (so to speak) was that I had a chemical imbalance (aka, in my brain).
I asked him about hormonal imbalances. He wrote that off, but said it was a possibility. He insisted this was all chemical and told me to not bother buying any "over the counter" supplements. I found that kind of odd, since homeopathic supplements can only HELP, not hurt, me.
Ok... so how do we test the chemical imbalances he was sure were affecting me? He told me we couldn't. It costs so much money that, even if I were a multimillionaire, I probably wouldn't do it. He told me to go see a psychiatrist because they're the only ones who could put me on medications that would even out these chemicals.

I walked out feeling defeated. I KNEW I could get my hormones tested and my insurance would cover it. But he wanted me to take his advice and treat an imbalance we couldn't even prove I had? With more drugs that are addictive and hard to get off of?

Knowing I had to do something, I went ahead and saw the psychiatrist. Even if my husband and I HAD liked his demeanor (which we did NOT), I would have had a hard time taking his advice seriously. He wanted to put me on more drugs (surprise, surprise!) including a social anxiety prescription and Xanax. He told me we would probably end up upping the social anxiety meds in a couple of weeks (joy!). He also told me Xanax would not make me sleepy (not sure where he got his MD, but even *I* know better than that).

A week later, I am feeling so much better and I haven't done a single thing (Short of going to the doctor like the counselor said to) either one of these men recommended. The prescription sample he gave me will be thrown in the trash today. I'm looking forward to seeing the look on his nurse practitioner's face when I tell her I completely ignored everything he told me.

You see, my body is NOT missing Xanax. And my body is NOT craving more medication it's never had. It is trying to get balanced out. It is trying to get back in balance after a long-standing battle with stress. It's trying to replinish nutrients and to get back where it naturally would be.

Couple that with the fact that veterinarians actually learn more about the human body than MDs do, and I don't regret ignoring the doctor and counselor one bit.
I did it my way and sought out natural supplements to get back my hormones back in balance. And it's working beautifully.

So all of these, among other reasons, are why I chose to ignore the doctors. And will continue to do so. In fact, I've had such amazing success with these natural supplements that I can't really ever see myself going to a "regular" doctor for anything ever again.

God Bless! Have a great day!


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