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Monday, November 8, 2010

More Good News...

So I've talked a lot about how the supplements I started taking have been working awesome for me. And they have. But I had been playing with the idea for awhile of seeing what my uncle (a doctor in Chinese medicine and acupuncture) had to say about what was going on with me. So I did on Friday. :)
He was able to run tests on my pulse, which were incredibly revealing. (Remember that, while the natural supplements have been awesome, they were more treating my overall symptoms. I have yet to meet with the naturopath doctor who runs the shop. The muscle tests I had done were just informal) This pulse test was very easy and somewhat informal too (compared to western science tests), but it was able to reveal a LOT more.
I was able to see on paper which of my organs were functioning really well and which weren't. I was able to see SO much about what was going on inside of my body. It was really amazing. And then my awesome uncle was able to make me my very own supplement that was geared towards all of the troubles my body is having. (Some of my problems include low circulation, an elevated heart rate, as well as stress and anxiety).

What amazes me about my uncle, though, is not just the insight he was able to give me. I have heard testimonials about he and his partner (who is a medical massage therapist and works side-by-side with him) for years. My grandmother, at 77 years old, has started seeing him for macular degenration of her eyes. And her eyesight has stopped degenerating. He's treated cancer patients, women with infertility issues, patients with anxiety and depression, migraines, and too many other diseases to count.
Just another testimony to how my opinions are being changed about medicine and the medical world in general. And another resource for anyone out there who may be looking.
God Bless!



  1. I love Traditional Chinese Medicine - I need to go back down that road! Glad it is all helping!