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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

A Brand New Discovery

I called the natural health shope where I got my consultation and supplements today. I wanted to ask the wonderful woman who'd helped me about the fact that I was still waking up anxious and with a racing heart. She said it defintely sounded like my adrenals and recommended a couple of things (throwing in an extra Stress Relief capsule if I wake up early and anxious, as well as Vitamin B b/c I'm so "weak". No, that word doesn't offend me. She tested my muscle strength. If she says I'm weak, I believe her.)
But the word "adrenals" struck a chord with me and I started googling. Immediately, I came up with an awesome article that I will be delving even more into. I wanted to share it because it pinpoints EXACTLY how I feel and what I've been through (I am the 'worst case scenario' in this woman's article).
Here it is:

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