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Friday, March 4, 2011

You've got to FROG

You've got to FROG, Melissa. I tell myself that a lot lately. A LOT. You see, I've talked a lot about my journey with Chinese medicine, herbal supplements, and so much more. I've talked about health issues and other problems. But I haven't chatted so much about the OTHER part of this blog- The Faith part. Because this isn't just about vitamins and herbal concoctions. It's about becoming closer to my God and leaning more on him for understanding, peace, and well-being.
And that's what FROGing is all about. Abbie came home with a craft last summer. The three-year-olds had painted an adorable little 3-D frog and at the bottom it read "Fully Rely On God" F.R.O.G. You've got to FROG.
It seems silly almost to write down, but those words have amazing power.
Fully- totally, wholly, completely, every minute of every day
Rely- Lean on, trust, give your problems to
On- Against, Taking pressure off yourself
God- Not yourself, not your husband, not your family. Not this world. Not anything you can see, hear, or touch.
Fully Rely On God.
You're got to FROG if you're going to recover from anything, heal from anything, move forward from anything... or just get through life. You've got to FROG.

God Bless!

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