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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Getting Relief From Insomnia/Night Terrors

I spend a good 7-10 days of each month having every part of my body and life affected by a demon called PMS. Yes, we've all heard about it.. whether we're women or men, we know the hell that is the week before a woman's monthly friend. But for me, it has always been pretty severe.
For starters, I'm pretty sure a Satanic minion crawls inside and takes over my mouth for a few of these days. Because I will snap, yell, and glare at you like it is nothing. I've got looks that will give you nightmares. Just ask my husband.
But on top of my constant mood swings, I have also been known to consume every piece of chocolate within a 40 mile radius. Heck, I ate my child's m&m's that she's been asking for while she was napping today. Yes... I know how bad that sounds. *Insert bag-over-my-head, holding up "Worst mom of the year" award image here*
Not to mention... I'm EX.HAUSTED. I can easily take a nap every day... I could probably take two sometimes. It's awful.
But an added perk? Ever since I started having all of these hormonal issues late last year, this time of the month has also brought on increased anxiety, night terrors, and insomnia. Yeah... fun.
Well, I finally mentioned to my uncle (Dr. Mark... the acupunturist/ dr. of Chinese medicine) that I was tired of dealing with these things on a monthly basis. And could we do something about it? Being the saint that he is, he gave me a new herb to help relax me when I need it. Has it made me a little groggy sometimes? Yes. Has it worked. Heck yeah. Instead of having night terrors, I'm sleeping through the night. And waking up RELAXED. And I'm not even taking them every night.
It's a process to get all the things that have gotten out-of-whack over the years back in whack... But I'm so glad to constantly be discovering new ways to do that. New ways that don't mean addictive medications.
So that was my point for the evening. I'm just glad to be where I'm at... discovering new tools to help me heal. :)

Good night! :)

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