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Sunday, May 1, 2011

History was made tonight

History was made tonight. May 1st, 2011. After spending most of the day in the midst of church activities, I finally plopped down for a brief recap of the day's events before hitting the sack. I didn't expect to see anything actually newsworthy. Instead, I found numerous people reporting that the President of the United States would soon make an incredibly important announcement. Late at night. On a Sunday. My immediate reaction, like most people's, was anxiety.
But rumors, and then truth, soon began to swirl. And it was soon revealed that Osama Bin Laden was dead. Obama said more or less what anyone could expect:
Bin Laden is dead.
Obviously, this is a big deal because he masterminded 9/11.
However, there is still a threat. And given the nature of Al Qaeda, it'd be dumb to not expect retaliation.
We have and will continue to heighten security.
We will also still make it our goal to obliterate Al Qaeda.
Obviously, Al Quada and Islam the religion are completely seperate and we (Americans) understand that.
and God Bless America. :)
He gave more details about the death and capture, but that was the gist of it.
And as I watched the array of emotions and opinions that was sure to follow , I found myself kind of in the middle of the road... as I often do. You see, I don't get fired up about politics very much. Or too many other issues like this for that matter. And I feel like maybe sometimes that's taken as me being naive or not well-educated enough. But I see it differently.
Because Presidents will come and go. But my God is forever. And He will never leave office to be replaced by someone else. And He defintely has no political agenda. He'll never slander another to make a point and you'll never have to wonder about whether or not He really IS everything He says He is. You don't ever have to worry about buying into his campaign.
And yes, there are a lot of scary things and people in this world. But my God says He will never forsake me. And that I can do all things through Him. That He is my Rock, my Refuge, my Strength. He says that I should fear nothing. That I should not have worry or anxiety. That I shouldn't care what I eat, drink, or wear. That He will take care of me no matter what.
So why would I let worldly things affect me? Are they life-changing? Sure. Are they a big deal? Yes, some of them are. Tonight's events are history-making. But everyday with my God is history-making. And when the world is swarming with worldly worries and triumphs and opinions and politics, I don't worry about any of it. Because I don't have to wait for a press conference with my God. I don't have to make sure I have electricity and tune in and wait for over an hour to know of His grace and love. And I don't have to look at Facebook or CNN to know about His mercy and forgiveness.
So while our world changes, and people reflect on how it affects their lives, you won't find me in the middle of too many political, spiritual, or any other kind of debates. Because although I see it's importance, I relate it all to a much greater Importance.
Good night and God Bless!

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